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Practice the ABCs of Mindfulness in an engaging and interactive way. Elementary to High School Age appropriate. Inquire:


Mindful movement


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Thursdays 5:00--5:45

Come experience a fun learning environment and cohesive community at the premier kid's yoga studio in Culver City- Zooga Yoga. Amber guides her students to awaken their 5 senses, embody the 4 elements and play with props to practice mindfulness & meditation techniques. Through basic breathing and dynamic movement exercises her students gain greater levels of health and vitality. Ages 3-8. Sign up here:

YOGA & Meditation


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Beginning and Intermediate classes offered. These classes are a playful, fun and interactive way to increase physical mobility, self awareness and focus while reducing stress and fatigue. Amber guides her students to tune in to themselves and connect to their bodies so that they can build strength, balance and coordination to conquer the Apex pose of the day and to participate in partner and group games. Each class culminates in a restorative meditation. Grades K-5.

Sign up through the Enrichment Program Coordinator.